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It can be challenging to create a new habit, and even harder to sustain it. With this in mind,


I have designed this program especiallyfor you.


HARMONISE blends movement, breath and meditation together:  these simple & potent practices are designed to help you release stress, shift your energy and create a more holistic and uplifted way of living. 


Each week you will receive a 20 minutes video that you will practice daily in your own time. 


This 4-week morning practice program ON your mat will enable you to support yourself OFF the mat. 

It will help you create the habit of a daily practice, and sustain it.


How it works:

 As of Friday February 11th, you will receive:​

  • 4 x 20 minutes videos: one video each Friday to be practiced daily for 7 days in your own time.

  • Daily support & inspiration (rituals, tips, quotes…) to help you keep up with your practice.

  • The total package costs 80€ : including 1 live practice, 4 videos, daily inspo and support as well as a surprise when you join the masterclass on Sunday 6th.

  • Free live masterclass before launch of program

  • Access to video replays for one extra month!

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