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I am here to support you in developing new habits & rituals in your personal and professional life


Change from the inside out

You are looking for: 

  • Practices to release stress, anxiety, anger, doubt, overwhelm, inertia, lack of motivation

  • Relaxation, get more energy, better sleep & a calmer mind

  • Mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

  • Holistic practices to support you at all stages of your life

  • Developing a daily practice to support you

  • Empowering practices to bring to your personal and professional life

  • Reconnect with your deepest intuition

Benefits of your practice: 

  • Powerful practices to implement

  • Develop a Sadhana (daily practice)

  • Empowering tools (breaths, meditations…)

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Holistic Practices

Drawing on the ancient teachings of yoga, pranayama (breath work), meditation as well as sound & energy healing, I offer TAILOR-MADE SERVICES


My classes (online and in person) are specifically designed to help you create an EMPOWERED LIFE and to live a more radiant, conscious and happy life.


With my guidance, you will weave breath & movement, mindful flow & internal experiences. After years of practice and learning with great teachers of various disciplines, I have developed programs with potent yogic tools and practices that are accessible and yet POWERFUL & TRANSFORMATIVE

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