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connect | balance | transform

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Each moment is an opportunity to bring more joy and awareness into our life

reduce stress, build vitality, up your joy

Looking at the world around us, it feels like we need more than ever to come back to ourselves, and find ways to bring more joy into our daily lives. We need to take  time for ourselves, move our body, and shift our energy.

NOW is the time for us to calm our mind and find ways to find inner balance.

With this in mind, I have created a new program called THE ART OF BECOMING to help us navigate the wave of change. 



SUNDAY 14, 21 & 28 FEBRUARY 2021

LIVE ZOOM CLASSES @ 10:30am CET Brussels

NOTE: for those of you in different time zones, all classes are available as replay for anytime viewing.


  • 3 Guided Practices of 60 minutes (with replay)

  • 3 videos of 20 minutes sent to you to practice daily between the live classes (includes a meditation)

  • Daily inspiration email to support your journey


  • Boost your energy & strengthen your immune system

  • Nurture yourself and find new ways to support yourself

  • Bring joy and a new energy into your life

  • 21 day journey to becoming more you

  • Uplift and empower yourself 


Your price for:

the live classes, replays, home videos and daily inspiration:

One person:  per person


Bring a friend:  per person

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