Never stop learning

“I trust the ones who are always seeking to grow” Young Pueblo

As we begin our journey into 2018 I can’t help but look back into 2017, looking at what served me, what I let go, what did I learn that will help me in mapping 2018?

While reflecting on my experiences, I came to the conclusion that I learnt a lot, whether directly from my teachers, or in books, and especially during my practice; a combination of wisdom and experience! I keep learning and gathering all kind of knowledge, tools and insights that make me grow and also help me share more deeply in my classes. Let me share with you some of my 2017 milestones.

Last spring I went for the second time to Rishikesh in the north of India to reconnect with my teacher Kia Miller. I spent two weeks with yogis from all over the world studying in the sacred mountains of the Himalaya. My practice and dedication to yoga unraveled to new levels there. Spending time with Kia in India was very special as I don’t see her so often. She is a real inspiration for my practice and my teaching; her dedication and the way she lives yoga is a beautiful path for me to follow.

After the summer I decided to study online with a teacher I deeply admire: Rod Stryker. He teaches Hatha yoga and Tantra in a unique way that has started to influence me deeply. Last November I finally got to meet him in person as I went to London for a week long of studying Yoga Nidra under his guidance. If you are not familiar with this practice, it is like a reset button for your nervous system. I have been practicing it very regularly the last few months and have seen some deep and positive changes (better sleep, less stress, more focused…). I am starting to offer classes in Hong Kong, so make sure to come and try it out! Along these deep immersions, I have also taken the third level of Reiki, an ancient Japanese energy healing practice which is great for relaxation and stress release. I have been practicing regularly for myself and a few close friends and family, but I now feel that I can start to offer it to a wider audience. A few months ago a dear friend of mine went through a rough patch physically and mentally and asked for my help. Through a daily practice of yoga meditation and reiki, he slowly started to feel better. I love to share the many tools and tricks I have to help empower people.

One of the new discoveries last year were alchemy crystal bowls. They are beautiful bowls made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz, with gemstones, metals or minerals (Quartz is best known to transmit, store and amplify energy); when you listen to them, they help restore the flow of energy where your body needs it most. The power of sounds and vibrations is very potent. I often play the crystal bowls at the end of class for deeper relaxation or before yoga nidra helping people to let go of tensions and active minds. People love it As you can see 2017 has been a busy year for me in terms of learning, and it will continue in 2018 as well. In the spring I will go to Bali for a month to study kundalini on a deeper level and I’m sure I’ll keep you posted on this new and exciting adventure. I am a teacher, but above all I am a student; as Rod Stryker says: “never, never stop being a student”. Being a yoga teacher means being a student. As I keep learning, I keep sharing the knowledge with my students and people around me, and this is so rewarding to see people become happier, and more aligned with their heart.

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