Self-care is your superpower


Here are a few practices that I designed for you:

A Yoga Nidra to help you reset your system and come into a deep place of calm. 

A japa meditation where you chant a mantra. It is very nice to do this anytime when you feel the need to connect to yourself. 

Enjoy these practices, and let me know what you think

Japa-aham prema
00:00 / 08:40

Japa Meditation

This meditation is 108 repetitions of the mantra Aham Prema (I am Love). I use a mala to do so, but if you don't have one, just follow as I count each repetition of the mantra on each bead.

Yoga Nidra for Joy
00:00 / 16:34

Yoga Nidra

This meditation is practiced lying down on your back, and will help you relax, renew and reset your whole system. Enjoy deep rest.

Props Suggested: A bolster under your knees, an eye mask and a blanket to cover yourself

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